Legal services offered by Torrevieja Services are fairly broad. As we carry out most of the processing ourselves for things like NIE, Residencia, Padron etc. and even vehicle registration. But also work with local solicitors for things like will writing, dealing with estates and property transfers.

Our main objective is to maintain the quality of service and keeping all parties informed of on-going processes. An example of that was most recently a car importation that involved a car with no official number plates. As a lawyer elsewhere had charged a now client over €200 and still couldn’t complete the paperwork and task. We are still working on this one at the moment but have engaged with the correct authorities relating to vehicle processing and looking forward to having a result shortly.

Where possible we also aim to inform people of risks and a prime example of this has occurred recently twice. Two people have bought homes in Spain that officially haven’t completed construction. They have been built for years and on the plan, they show one meter squared floor space. Which in reality means that the taxes have been wrong on the properties for years. But also there are no plans for the buildings and as such will need to be submitted along with the fact alterations may have occurred above what was originally agreed for construction. As you can guess there are many risks here and the correct approach would have been to get the seller to get their paperwork in order before taking on the property. It is a common problem and in both cases, purchases had been made before they engaged with us. As such we are now going through the process of rectifying the problem. The assumption they would never notice at the tax office is something you may want to try. Yet it was the tax office that highlighted the issue that then brought the client to us.

If you would like legal advice please feel free to WhatsApp us on the bottom right or fill in one of our online forms and we will be in touch.

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