Our handyman services are extremely broad and flexible. As quite simple we know in the area the average age is over 68. As such many things people used to do often becomes a struggle. But also there are reasons to get us to do it as well which includes being cost effective.

An example of this was hanging a picture on a wall. As the concrete wall made it impossible for one of our customers to simply use a hammer and nail without damaging the wall or bending the nail. Buying a drill, drill bits, rawl plugs and other things would have made this simple task expensive. Yet because it was in our local area €20 euros it was done at the same time a couple of other jobs were looked at. Including quoting for the redecoration of the lounge and some alterations to the bathroom.

Another customer needed locks changing as they bought a new property and as it had been a rental previously they didn’t know how many people had the old keys. So we took the lock to be matched and swapped out the old ones, as well as had another 2 sets cut for their new rental tenants.

Picking things up from the garden centre was for another customer who didn’t have a car big enough for the fruit trees. As you can see the work is extremely varied and we are happy to assist where we can!

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