Air Conditioning

Air conditioning including installation for the Torrevieja area from €550

Air conditioning is one of those things that if looked after well will run for 20 years. But if not maintained most likely to fail when you need it most. We offer installations from €450 including the unit and fitting. As well as offering air conditioning servicing and repairs. If you would like to book regular maintenance, repair or replacement please use the form below and we will happily give you a quote.

Our 6 monthly checkup and service package is ideal to avoid problems especially if renting the unit out or when the property is not in use for periods of time.

Servicing includes:

1. Clean external condenser coils and indoor evaporator unit including disinfecting.

2. Inspect and clean or replace air filters.

3. Inspect the drain pans and condensate drains and test any related pump(s).

4. Check the refrigerant level.

5. Check compressor and refrigerant tubing.

6. Check outdoor fan motor and blades and indoor assembly. Along with any belts on the larger system(s).

7. Lubricate moving parts (as applicable).

8. Inspect all electrical controls, wiring and connections.

9. Check ductwork for leaks and other problems.

10. Run a general system test.

We recommend that the servicing is done during Spring and then Autumn to keep your air conditioning in tip-top condition. The servicing package is designed for properties up to 150 sqm of air conditioned space. For larger properties please drop us an email or give us a call.

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