About Us

Torrevieja Services came out of our family of four moving to Spain nearly 5 years ago. We experienced many bad services when we first moved to Spain. But even worse the lack of interest in companies and individuals to put their work right. As such we could either grumble about it or do something about it. So we decided to open our doors as Torrevieja Services, so we could offer the ability to get people that can be trusted and know what they are doing.

I originally came from the UK and I have over 20 years experience in the maintenance and construction industry. Working on everything from houses to hospitals and airports, Locally known as La Mata Matt.

My wife April comes from the Philippines and speaks Spanish and English. April regularly helps people with things like NIE, Padron, Residencia and other paperwork and a regular member of the Ladies of Spain for the area..

We are a family run business and have two children of our own. As such we understand the issues around moving to Spain as we have lived through many.

At the same time every step we have looked to find a solution and as such are happy to help others avoid some of the problems. But also share our expertise and skills. Aswell as network to deal with not only the initial setup but for day to day things in Spain as well.

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