Although we like doing larger electrical repairs we also don’t doing the smaller ones either in the Torrevieja area.

In fact its often a case they are better projects because they only take an hour or two and less complex problems. A few examples of these types of things are an electric doorbell that runs from a main gate. Where we had to find out why it wasn’t working anymore and carry out a repair. It wasn’t a complex fix either the cable was damaged or something else. In this case it was a damaged wire and simply needed repaired rather than replaced.

Other repairs can be more obvious at the same time age is playing its card. The socket and light switch above is a prime example. It has become brittle over the years but also looking dated.

Doesn’t take long to replace and at the same time changed a few other switches around the same home. As it may also be the case you don’t want to change 10 – 20 electrical outlets at once. Which is fine, in this case we simply did an hours work and did as many repairs as possible in the hour.

Leaving a list of what outlets need replacing next and where to buy from. As it will allow the owners to buy ahead of our next repair visit so everything is ready. Saves us time which also saves you money.

Also if larger repairs or replacements we don’t mind if you order things in advance ready for us to do the work. In fact, many customers choose to do that with things like security alarms, Wi-Fi extenders, air conditioning, electrical lighting, and outlets. Especially if you are looking for something specific as it allows you to search online in advance of our visit and get exactly what you want. Along with the fact that you hold the warranty for things you ordered.

We cover La Mata, Torrevieja, Guardamar, Quesada, Orihuela and everything inbetween.

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