Carrying out electrical services in the Torrevieja area we have found varying needs of our customers.

One of the main electrical problems in the Torrevieja area we come across is electrical sockets and cheap adaptors. Because there are still many single sockets that were installed in older properties. People often put multi adaptors into them as a quick and easy fix. The problem though is that the majority of adaptors are not fused at the plug. Which can create problems around heat build-up due to being overloaded In many cases we find the plugs have burned alongside the cables in the sockets.

Can it be prevented? In many cases, a fused plug would be the easiest solution, along with not overloading circuits. Although we find far too often too many things on the same circuit. It wouldn’t be the first property we have had to separate the electrics. Finding hot water heaters, air conditioning, lighting, sockets and cookers all connected on the same one. Which is highly not advised but also doesn’t abide by Spanish regulations or EU regulations and hasn’t for some time. But is far too often the case that single circuits have been used to make it easier for the installers. In many cases would be the original builders.

If you are having electrical issues, need electrical repairs or new installations in the Torrevieja area we are happy to help where we can. Doing small repairs to complete home rewires. This also includes electronic installs such as CCTV systems, Wi-Fi setup, Camera doorbells, security alarms, smoke detectors, swimming pool alarms, security lighting and many more.

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