Installing a CCTV system allows peace of mind along with being able to remote monitor your home or office space. We have installed Swann systems over the years for customers in the UK and now beginning to continue installing them in Spain.

We find the recording quality is good as well as giving value for money for home installations. One of the main advantages we have found is people being able to remote monitor their homes from wherever they are in the world. Which can work well if running alongside a security alarm as you can see via your phone / computer if it was a false alarm. But also we have found when used in small offices and garages that its sometimes been an easy way to find out when things have been going missing. As well as preventing it ever happening.

Here in the Torrevieja, Quesada, Guardamar, Orihuela area, we offer full installation of the camera systems. As well as integrating with your internet. To give you eyes and ears even when not at home.

If you are unsure of which CCTV system is right for you or you would like us to install one that isn’t a SWANN model. Please feel free to get in touch as we are happy to help where we can. But I have found SWANN to be consistently reliable and have 2 setups with 8 cameras set up in our own properties that we remote monitor via the internet.

An important thing to remember is you don’t need to sit there all day watching as its already recording. But also we found that neighbours have asked for help relating to other things in the area. For example, a motorbike being stolen and a car accident. Our location for our cameras is on a private road with consent from our neighbours. So wasn’t an issue overlooking the road. In fact was very useful for people in the neighbourhood.

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