With the rise of home security and improved internet we now have access to wireless doorbells. The Ring doorbell means you are pretty much always at home. I have used one myself for a delivery where the delivery driver needed to confirm that I had received the goods. So he recorded me talking to him through the doorbell. Telling him to put the delivery in the garage while at the same time I could talk to him through the intercom on the doorbell adn watch him with the camera on the doorbell. All streaming to my mobile phone.

In Spain we often find that deliveries are not an exact science and could be waiting all day. But if they know you are nearby when they deliver they will wait most of the time. So for example you needed to pop out for some milk or something else while waiting for them. As soon as they ring the doorbell it starts making your mobile phone ring.

This allows you to answer as if you are at home through the intercom telling them you won’t be long and could they wait 5 minutes. But its just as useful when not wanting people to know you are out or you simply don’t want to answer the door. As you can view them with the camera but doesn’t mean they know you are viewing them.

We make things easier, if you order directly from Amazon. We can do the installation for you, allowing you to have your warranty and buyer protection with Amazon. At the same time the unit(s) are installed professionally. One thing to be aware is that not all phones come with a charger cable. If unsure please feel free to get in touch. But also if you use the solar panel with cable connector it will keep the doorbell charged. Which is ideal for sunny Spain.

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