A busy day today for a Saturday installing electric ceiling fans at one of our customer’s houses in La Mata, Torrevieja. But like most things we are happy to install. In this case our customer had picked the fans she wanted and arranged for delivery. She wasn’t in Spain at the time so had them delivered to our place ready for installing today.

One of the important things I want to say is that you don’t have to buy things through us. We are happy to install equipment you buy online but do recommend going with good quality as much as possible.

Today one of the fans was quite expensive and came in about 15 pieces so took longer than expected. However it worked well and looked nice once the installation was finished. Will add some photos once I finish the job tomorrow.

Is it cheaper to run an electric fan compared to air conditioning?

Was a question I have had a few people ask in the last two weeks in relation to worrying about their electric bills. Reality is electric fans are substancially cheaper but also if you run your ceiling fan along with your air conditioning. You often find you can be 4 degrees hotter on your air conditioning thermostat. While still finding it cooler thanks to the circulation from your ceiling fan. Which helps reduce the cost of air conditioning but also helps distribute cold air more evenly in a room. As I regularly find by design air conditioning is not always positioned in the best location for an office, sitting room or bedroom.

We have had an increase in clients asking for electrical wiring issues in the hot weather. We are happy to do installation work for small or large jobs, we are also well aware that much of the wiring in the area is original and we do full house rewires as well if required.

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