Although it may sound a bit of a sales pitch “we do jobs big or small”. In the Torrevieja area. Reality is we are well aware that not everyone can do everything, many people have health issues or simply getting on in age.

As such we try to support the community as much as possible. In the last couple of days we have responded to multiple enquiries relating to small problems in people’s homes. Some have been around electrical issues such as people not being able to switch their electrics back on after them tripping out. Others have been around air conditioning failures, door locks and even a telephone not working as well as someone stuck on a balcony. Where we can we are happy to help and have been through this busy holiday period.

The main thing we advise if not sure drop us a WhatsApp. As like today I have just returned from an air conditioning repair where the customer was worried about an expensive repair. As such in most cases we try to diagnose the fault before we even come to the property. In this case it was an issue around water coming out of the air conditioning unit in Torrevieja. Which is one of the most common issues that we have been dealing with in the last 2 weeks. However we have repaired every single air conditioning unit so far. In this units case it was a blocked pipe, but while there I took a look at the filters and other parts of the unit. But she had an assumed price before I got there and if it was a larger repair I would advise in advance.

A similar occurance yesterday relating to another air conditioning unit in Torrevieja. Where the indoor unit and outdoor unit aren’t communicating properly. Although we got it working over the phone. They asked for me to attend the following day. After looking at that unit I advised that its better to replace instead of repair due to the issues around new control boards. In both cases the customer were happy. Both have working air conditioning and in the second case it will need resetting to keep it going. However the age of the unit is already saying “change me!”.

But even for things like hanging pictures or needing help with something feel free to get in touch. As we are happy to help where possible. As one of things we have started doing is adding an Amazon store to the website. We appreciate if you order through our site as we get a small commission. But also we will add things people are regularly asking for. As we can pretty much install most things. Doesn’t need to be electrical as we have installed TV units, TV wall brackets, CCTV systems, Camera door bells, Security and fire alarm systems and even put together a few book cases.

The fact is if you aren’t sure there is no problem in asking, as a service we don’t already do we will happily look to add.

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