We are a family run business that cover all cleaning services along with many maintenance services. We have been operating in the Torrevieja area for 5 years and an important aspect of our business is providing a very high standard.

Why choose us? The reality is that your success is entwined with ours. For example we recently helped a new AirBnB client who had some problems with door locks. The property had been locked using 3 main door keys while there was only 1 lock key available in Spain. This resulted in us having to enter the property without damaging the front door and having to replace the two locks. In this case, they had to be drilled out at the same time everything was prepared for the incoming tenants that were soon to arrive. One important aspect is we update the owner with information as soon as it’s available as well as giving a price for the work in advance of it occuring.

Another part of this type of service is taking photos for AirBnB use along with welcome baskets for customers. As we aim to improve the property where possible to help owners improve their standing and often improve their daily rates on AirBnB.

Another reason to choose us is we are local. 5 years in Spain and we speak Spanish and English along with having several people in various areas that they cover. The main goal here is quality over quantity, which is why we limit our outlining services to Torrevieja, La Mata, Guardamar, El Raso, San Luis, and La Siesta from us directly. But we have people in Quesada and Orihuela covering other areas. Which means that we are never more than 15 minutes away. As a keyholder, it can be for an emergency but also as incoming and outgoing tenants occur. We photograph each room and confirm that the property is in a specific condition. But beyond the cleaning services, we also deal with garden maintenance, pot plant watering, mail collection, weed killing and many other things that customers ask us to do. Most recently we have house sat cats and dogs when needed for some of our clients.

We also know that when people are moving into a new property they may want a deep clean especially if a property has been left for a long period of time. We also deal with deep cleaning and cutting back overgrown gardens. Along with emptying swimming pools and servicing pumps etc. as although cleaning is a major part of our business. I am also an engineer of over 20 years with experience of all sorts of electrical and mechanical equipment. Including pumps, motors, pipework, plumbing, electrical systems and a lot more.

Also with an aging population along the coast we are well aware that many people just want a bit of assistance now and again. For which we offer cleaning services but also as a point of contact and helping people get out of the house.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please feel free to click on the WhatsApp button on the bottom right or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch.

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