One of our most recent air conditioning installations in the Torrevieja area. The holiday season is upon us and we have become extremely busy. We recommend our half-year servicing to pick up any issues before you need the air conditioning. As this will allow replacement without delay as well as pre-planning.

Indoor Air conditioning unit.

Our latest installation went well and another happy customer, as you can see we used Mitsubishi units due to their high reliability and good energy management. We also recommend we visit the property before agreeing installation to confirm size of unit required. But also to confirm location of the unit(s) and power usage needs.

We also carry out only installations of air conditioning in the Torrevieja area if you prefer to buy your own units. We do recommend going with better brands with inverters. As they will last longer as well as have lower usage costs. We also understand that many people depending on location may only use the units part of the year. As such look for cheap and cheerful. As such we are happy to work with whatever you want to be installed as a client. But please be aware that old units need to be disposed of correctly due to the issues around gas disposal.

We also carry out periodic maintenance which we recommend doing before the summer holiday season. The next one being before the winter for heating. If you would like to know more about our services relating to air conditioning or anything else, please feel free to get us on WhatsApp on the bottom right or using one of our contact forms.

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